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34th International HARLEY-DAVIDSON & INDIAN-Rally

Name: ronny harleyboy,  City: hellgium
URL: http://none
Posted: 29/06/2013 15:39:46

Message: bedankt free wheeling kempen , (michel) om aanwezig te zijn op de uitvaart van onze filip malego ! Hy zal er dit jaar helaas niet meer kunnen byzijn op het treffen in Retie waar hy zo graag naartoe ging ! bedankt mannen !

Name: Karol, Polska,  City: Wroclaw, Polska
URL: http://none
Posted: 25/04/2013 5:24:27

Message: Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rally at the Olympic Stadium in Wroclaw (May 2013, Poland) From 16.05 to 20.05 Wroclaw is going to be the European Capital of Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Rally is localized at the Olympic Stadium, where organizers place a large complex of stalls. Participants of Rally is going to take part in a plenty of attractions like concerts, events, shows, karaoke etc. The rest of information you will find on the official website of Rally Taking into consideration the fact that the Rally starts soon we make the attractive offer for participants. European Hotel*** Centre of Wroclaw •single room (breakfast included) – 219z³/54€, •double room (breakfast included) – 249z³/61€, •parking lot – 20z³/5€ (24h for motorcycle). To book click the link: Polonia Hotel*** Centre of Wroclaw •single room (breakfast included) – 188z³/46€, •double room (breakfast included) – 218z³/53€, •parking lot – 20z³/5€ (24h for motorcycle). To book click the link: European Hotel – 88 Pi³sudskiego St, 50-017 Wroclaw, Poland, phone: +48 71 772 10 00, Polonia Hotel – 66 Pi³sudskiego St, 50-020 Wroclaw, Poland, phone: +48 71 343 10 21,

Name: HDC Grin Ghost,  City: Leuven
URL: http://none
Posted: 11/02/2013 7:05:46

Message: Bedankt voor jullie bezoek aan onze 14e biker market Grtz HDC Grin Ghost

Name: HDC-Eastbelgium,  City: nowhere
URL: http://none
Posted: 1/01/2013 8:18:25

Message: Ein gutes Neues Jahr 2013 wünscht Euch und Euren Familien der Harley-Davidson-Club Eastbelgium.

Name: Lu,  City: L`Hospitalet de L`Infant, España
URL: http://none
Posted: 31/12/2012 20:33:55

Message: decididos hoy, vendremos al rally 2013. De España = 1600km. Véale allí. (HDC Tarraco). In`t vloams.. wullie zulle der zen, met een zere kont van zo`n dikke 1600km te rijen. tot dan :-)

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The International Rally celebrating the Club's 35th Anniversary is over!
(6 augustus 2018)
Thanx an awful lot, dear Harley-Davidson, Buell and Indian-friends from all over Europe. The Rally is over and you all made an absolutely funtastic party of the 2018-edition of our International Rally. The grass was not green but the drinks were cool and seven fabulous topbands and the DJ's rocked the Kemps into the night. Even the gods were very friendly and supplied us with hot Belgian summer days. Thanks to you all showin' up and the sale of pins, we could donate a huge amount to MDA Europe/NEMA vzw to support them in their fight against muscular dystrophy. Within a few weeks you can re-enjoy some memories whilst surfin' through our photogallery 2018 Rally after the update of our web site with new galleries. Please give us some time to make a selection out of the thousands of pics from our pic-hunters. Many and big thumbs up for all those who helped us create this Rally and all those friends who came to party with us. It really is unforgettable. Thanks for joining the party and safe ridings! H-DC Free Wheeling Kempen

(1 augustus 2018)

Door de aanhoudende droogte geldt er tijdens het evenement een volledig verbod op vuren, kampvuren en BBQ’s op het camping-, festival- en parkeerterrein. De veiligheidsdiensten vragen om bijzondere aandacht voor de brandveiligheid tijdens en na het roken en het gebruik van glas op het evenement.
Er zal gekoeld mineraal water te koop aangeboden worden en er is gratis drinkbaar leidingwater beschikbaar.
Daarnaast verkopen we uiteraard nog heel wat andere lekkere zaken om te eten en te drinken!
Welcome to the fun!

Due to the persistent drought, there will be a complete ban on fires, campfires and BBQs on the camping, festival and car park during the rally. The security services require special attention to fire safety during and after smoking and the use of glass at the event. Chilled mineral water will be offered for sale and free drinkable tap water is available. In addition, we obviously sell a lot of other tasty things to eat and drink!
Welcome to the fun!

Retie is being prepared for the International Harley-Davidson, Indian & Buell Rally, celebrating the clubs 35th Anniversary!
(10 juli 2018)
Howdy Friends, we're working our butts off to present you the next edition of the classic International Harley-Davidson, Indian & Buell Rally from Friday 3 August till Sunday 5 August 2018 in Retie (B).